Sandstorm - Silver Necklace

Handcast textured pendant made from recycled 925 sterling silver, includes chain design of your choice.

Options: 16" or 18" chain on Hayseed (main image pictured), Satellite or Delicate Trace (main image pictured) chain design.

Please add in the notes of your order if you would like me to use sand you’ve collected from your special place.

I adore patterns in nature and I especially love walking along a windswept beach to ease my mind and cleanse my soul. Often collecting sea glass, driftwood and other treasures along the way, I wanted to capture some of this beauty in my jewellery. 

The sandstorm collection was born.  Using sand from the beaches of Norfolk, the Sandstorm collection is hand-cast using recycled 9ct gold and 925 sterling silver metals to create a truly unique textured piece of sea air to carry with you and feel always.

I love to use sand from clients that they’ve collected themselves so they can remember their special place or a moment in time whilst wearing their jewellery.

Measures 14 mm x 9 mm x 3 mm

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