Fused Jewellery

Fused jewellery by Fired Rose
Fused permanent jewellery by Fired Rose

Permanent Jewellery

Intended to be worn as a symbol of togetherness and a bond that can’t be broken.  Fused jewellery by Fired Rose is unlike traditional jewellery that can be removed.  Fused permanent jewellery is crafted to be securely affixed to your body through expert welding techniques. Once it’s on, it’s meant to stay, symbolising an unbreakable connection.

Fused jewellery is the perfect embodiment of a best friend bracelet, bringing together families, partners, lovers, and soulmates.  They are also the ultimate gift to yourself.

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Woman wearing a white T-shirt and three gold fused jewellery bracelets

About Fused Jewellery

Think of fused bracelet as the modern-day friendship bracelet - once bonded and always with you - but with a glamorous twist!  

Fused permanent jewellery is made from 9ct yellow gold, 925 sterling silver and available in gold filled too, plus there is a large selection of charms to personalise your jewellery even more.

Fused jewellery is perfect for celebrating a special occasion with your bestie or girl gang, with your partner for matching couples bracelets, an experience for a mother and daughter to share, sisters celebrating their special bond, as a bridal/bridesmaid gift, or even just as a present to yourself or gifted to a loved one.

A unique experience to remember

Book online today for a single, couples or group session, where you can create your own beautiful permanent fused bracelet, anklet, necklace or ring that will be fused on your wrist, ankle or neck while you watch!

Everybody is talking about permanent bracelets and permanent anklets right now, making them the hottest jewellery trend.  TikTok and social media has blown up with reels and videos of permanent jewellery and specifically the permanent fused anklet.  

You are welcome to jump aboard and video the whole process yourself too!

How it works

How it works

Choose your chain

Learn about the different chains available, including 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and 9ct Gold which all have several different styles to choose from, varying from classic to modern.  All styles are catered for.  Take your time trying on as many styles and combinations as you wish to get the perfect look for you.

Choose an optional charm

Add a personal touch to your chain with a beautiful charm (optional).  This is a very popular choice and way to really personalise your jewellery to you!  There are several different charms to choose from including birth stones, zodiac signs, moons, hearts and stars.

Get measured

Your wrist, ankle or neck will be measured for the ideal fit, ensuring you chain is not too loose or tight.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions throughout the fit.

Fuse the bracelet together

Your chain will be expertly fused closed so it's permanently on you. You can watch it all happen and bring a friend or loved one to add to the experience.  It will then be cleaned and inspected for strength.

After a quick clean, you’re all fused, looking and feeling amazing!  

The Fused by Fired Rose experience is complete and not only have you just experienced something pretty unique, but you now have gorgeous jewellery you’ll never have to worry about taking off again!  Once more, if you have had it done with family, a friend, soulmate or lover, you will walk away united.

Buy a permanent fused piece of jewellery as a gift

Buying permanent jewellery is not just a gift, its an experience they will never forget.  Gift to a couple on their wedding day, to celebrate an engagement, a milestone anniversary or just to say I love you.  It’s also the perfect way for a group of friends to say Happy Birthday to a friend reaching that special age.  

Fused permanent jewellery really is the perfect sentimental gift experience.

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Everything you need to know about fused jewellery, how to choose, order and book your appointment.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?

No, not one bit, for added safety, a leather patch is between the skin and where the fuse takes place.  If you want to watch (which most people do) then darkened safety glasses are provided for you to wear.

What if I need to remove the jewellery for a hospital procedure?

It is easy to remove your permanent jewellery, use a sharp pair of nail scissors and try to cut the small ring that connects the bracelet.  Be sure to keep the chain safe for when you wish for it to be re-fitted.  This service is offered for a small fee of £10.

Can I go through airport security?

Absolutely, permanent jewellery will not affect the magnetic sensors in airports and you will not be asked to remove your jewellery.

Can I return my jewellery?

As fused permanent jewellery is tailored to the individual, it is not returnable.

If I book an appointment and don’t turn up, will I get my deposit back?

The appointment space could have been used for another client, so unless you have given at least 48 hours notice (where you will be given the option to move your appointment time or date) then your deposit is non-refundable.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes if your bracelet breaks within one year, it will be refitted for free as long as the chain is in its original condition (not twisted or stretched) and the break is at the point it was fused.

What is gold-filled?

While 9ct gold is far superior, Fired Rose felt it would be good to offer a more affordable option for lovers of gold jewellery.  Gold filled jewellery is also known as rolled gold or gold bonded and is created by mechanically bonding a layer of gold to a layer of base metal - usually brass. The outer gold layer must be at least 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight, and is therefore a much thicker and more durable alternative to gold plating.

Can I add a charm?

Can I add a charm?

Of course, there are a lovely selection of charms to make your fused jewellery even more personal.  You can add as many charms as you wish.

Do you have an age restriction?

No.  As long as a parent or guardian is present with minors under the age of 16.  There is definitely no upper age limit, permanent jewellery is to be enjoyed by all ages!  Fired Rose does reserve the right to refuse to fuse jewellery on a child who they deem is too young or anybody who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What is permanent jewellery?

Permanent jewellery is tailor-made jewellery that is clean, seamless and beautiful, custom cut for the perfect fit, permanent jewellery is fused onto your wrist, ankle, neck or finger for as long or as little as you like.

How does it actually work?

By using a type of welding machine that uses an electric arc to join two pieces of metal together. It works by creating a circuit between an electrode and the metal being welded. When the electrode is brought close to the metal, an electrical current jumps across the gap and creates an intense heat that melts both the electrode and the metal. The melted metal from the electrode then flows into the joint between the two pieces, creating a bond when it cools and solidifies.

Woman on a beach wearing fused jewellery bracelets and ankle chains in gold and silver

How long is an appointment?

Appointments are approximately 20 minutes for 1-2 people. For 3-4 people, 30-40 minutes.

How can I book an appointment?

You can use the booking system here.

I run regular pop ups in Norfolk so do keep an eye on my social media platform and website to see where I will be fusing jewellery next.  Once you’ve found a date an time suitable, book your appointment by selecting the time, how many people are coming and what you’re interested in.  

A small £10 per person deposit is required to reserve your appointment which is redeemable against your total jewellery order on the day.

Woman wearing fused jewellery gold and silver necklaces

Can I have more than one bracelet during my appointment?

Absolutely you can!   Your appointment time allocated is enough to add more than one item of permanent jewellery, be it another bracelet, ring, necklace or anklet. Be warned… its addictive!!

Is my jewellery safe to wear on holiday or while swimming?

Yes it is! Permanent Jewellery is made from solid sterling silver or solid 9ct gold which will not fade or rub off in water or sunlight. 
If you have chosen gold filled for your jewellery, this too won’t fade or rub off but it won’t be as long lasting as the solid options due to being a heavy plated layer of gold on a base metal. More care should be taken with gold filled jewellery. 

How do I clean my jewellery if it becomes dirty or tarnished?

A good silver polishing cloth rubbed over the chain will keep your jewellery clean. You can also clean your permanent jewellery with a soft tooth brush dipped in fairy liquid and warm water.

Can I buy fused permanent jewellery as a gift?

Yes of course - see our Gift Vouchers below. A voucher can be redeemed on any item in our online store, in person or at a Fused Jewellery event or pop up.