• From beginner to a jeweller in a day: silver jewellery making workshop at Erpingham House, Norfolk

    A silver jewellery making workshop with Fired Rose Jewellery in Norfolk

    New year… learn a new skill…

    The start of a new year is often a time of reflection… a time of making new resolutions, changing things up from the previous year and setting new personal goals.  January is also a time where we often can feel sad and isolated.  The cold grey weather, short days and darker mornings tempt us to stay home more, often leading to seeing less of family and friends.  The winter blues is certainly something I can resonate with and what I often focus on during these months ahead is learning something new away from the home or allowing myself time to do something creative.  This year I’m going to enrol on a local pottery course and already having something to look forward to is giving me that pick up I needed during the darkest of days!

    student on a silver jewellery making workshop in Norfolk with Fired Rose


    So, whether it’s a new resolution or just a way of having something to look forward to, I’m here to give you the option of coming to learn how to make silver clay jewellery with me.  A good jewellery making workshop is one that inspires you and gets you excited about the possibilities.

    finished pieces of silver jewellery made on a workshop with Fired Rose


    Jewellery making can be a very satisfying hobby and with the right tools, materials and guidance it can quickly become your passion as it did mine 12 years ago! Alongside my own gold and silver collection for Fired Rose Jewellery, I absolutely love sharing my skills and knowledge to enable others to create their own designs in silver.


    using blow torches to create silver jewellery at a Fired Rose jewellery making workshop


    Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting and teaching lots of total beginners who had never picked up a hammer in their life, let alone a jewellery making tool. By the end of a full day's workshop, they had all created charms, pendants and earrings to be proud of. Most of them couldn't resist keeping them for themselves but some gifted them to someone special in their lives. Others prefer creating items for sale as an extra source of income or hobby.

    One student told me: "This is a brilliant workshop, not just for creating something special, but for the experience of making something from scratch in a beautiful and sincere way."

    finishing off handmade silver jewellery pendants at a Fired Rose jewellery making workshop


    We are all searching for new experiences now instead of material things. By gifting a workshop to a loved one or treating yourself, you are getting the best of both worlds. Learning new skills, meeting likeminded people and walking away at the end of an enjoyable day with treasures made by your own hands.

    If you are looking for a fun, inspiring jewellery making experience in Norfolk, I have everything you need to get started including all the equipment, materials and expert guidance. Come along on your own or bring friends too! Fired Rose Jewellery making workshops are suitable for beginners as well as experienced crafters.


    a student working on their piece of silver jewellery in Norfolk with Fired Rose


    When it comes to creativity, there are various options out there for those who want to make their own jewellery. There's wire working, beading, traditional silversmith courses to name a few. The Fired Rose Jewellery workshops teach you how to work with Silver Clay.

    What I love about silver clay is that you get so much more creative freedom to design and make what you want, using textures from nature, moulds from found objects such as shells and even your own fingerprints! Silver Clay starts as a malleable lump of clay containing silver particles, but after firing, refining and polishing, ends up as a solid piece of 999 fine silver (which is purer than sterling silver). The whole process is very magical and everyone is often amazed that was once soft and fragile is now a solid piece of jewellery.


    finished silver pendants made on a workshop taught by Fired Rose jewellery


    My workshops are held over one day (usually from 10am-4pm) at locations in Norfolk, and all refreshments and lunch included in your day. I offer four set workshops a year, one for each season and they can soon get booked up! If you have a special birthday, hen do or group of friends outside of these dates who want to get creative together then I am happy to hold a private workshop with just your group (between 5-8 people) and can offer this at a venue of your choice.

    Book your place on a Fired Rose Jewellery making workshop in 2023, or if you would like more information about hosting your own workshop please contact me.




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