New Beginnings - Silver Necklace

Organic shaped nugget made from recycled 925 sterling silver, includes chain design of your choice.

Options: 16" or 18" chain on Hayseed, Satellite (main image bottom right pictured), Paperclip (main image top left) or Delicate Trace chain design.

Scraps of broken, unwanted silver which would otherwise be discarded are carefully melted down and forged to make the mini 'new beginnings' collection.

When something is broken, we often discard it, forgetting that the scraps of something severed can, once again, become bedazzling; even with a life of scars left behind. Here, for the mini “new beginnings” pendant and charm bracelet, I show that there is new life to be breathed into that which would otherwise be cast aside. The unwanted solid gold and silver is carefully meted down to create pieces which are a reminder that nothing is ever too late, and fresh new life is to be lived, with a new beginning and a chance to shine once more.

These pieces are the perfect gift for anyone who have been going through personal life struggles and are now embarking upon a new life journey. They are also gifts to give to yourself as a reminder and manifestation for the new start you may be seeking, to be worn as a daily reminder that no matter your journey, it's never too late to start over.

Measures approx 12 mm x 9 mm x 2 mm

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