Mini Oak Leaf - Gold Bracelet

Mini oak leaf shaped charm bracelet made from recycled 9 CT gold, includes chain design of your choice.

Options: 7" or 7.5" chain on Hayseed (main image pictured) or Trace chain design.

Cast from little saplings in Norfolk, mini oak leaves are to be enjoyed for their new life and promise of what’s to come.  The oak is cherished across the world as a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance and when creating these pieces, I wanted the wearer to feel the same.  

There is no greater or lesser value on one’s importance due to age and the mini oak leaves mirror this belief, gifting similar values to the Mighty Oak, while offering an alternative aspect.

The Mini Oak leaf would make an ideal gift for a new mother, to symbolise the birth of a new life brought into the world.  It is also a perfect offering for marking a marriage, with the significance attributed to unity and a strong future ahead. 

New growth and hope for the future is the sentiment I associate with this part of my collection.

Measures 24 mm x 12 mm x 1 mm

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