Love-Truth - Gold Bracelet

Wax seal design charm bracelet made from 9CT recycled gold, includes chain design of your choice.

Options: 7" or 7.5" chain on Hayseed, Paperclip, Chunky Paperclip or Trace chain design, or one-sized Twisted Bangle (main image pictured).

This seal features a hand holding a heart with the tiny words on either side reading ‘LOVE’ and ‘TRUTH’. The hand was a frequently used symbol during the Victorian era to depict faith, friendship, support and sincerity, while the heart symbolises love.

Coupled with these two words makes the symbolism especially meaningful for one cannot have love without truth.

This is the perfect way to celebrate a strong friendship, true love or self-love; for you can only start to love yourself and your whole being once you are true to who you are.

Measures 12 mm x 12 mm x 2 mm

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